Fox Hunting.....

No class aspect to it at all from me, I retired comfortably in my 40s and have no need to resent anyone for wealth reasons. I resent fox hunters purely because it’s barbaric and cruel. How would you feel being chased across the fields by twenty blokes who then proceeded to cut your stomach open once they caught you?

Why inflict that on a poor animal, hugely outnumbered by fucking dogs? Sat there on horses loving the bloodshed? Fucking sick cowardly cunts.
They'd hunt working class peasants if they could get away with it.
Speaking for myself, I would not object to drag trail 'hunting' at all, if that was what it really was and not a cover for fox hunting. That's the problem. The hunts use 'trail hunting' as cover in many cases. Evidence? No one in their right mind would lay a trail over a railway or a main road. but hunts have recently invaded both. The trespass on railways is particularly egregious as trains need a long distance to stop, even compared to a car or HGV.
Not many, even taking into account all the indigenous tribes of the world, off gridders, etc etc.
Being able to hunt game for meat is a privilege, Infeel very fortunate to have thousands of square miles to hunt for some of the finest game meat on the planet, all for a tag price of $35. I’m not into Fox hunting, unnecessarily cruel and done as much for entertainment as to eradicate the poor Fox
They'd hunt working class peasants if they could get away with it.
100% Agree. I live in the Countryside near kennels.
I have long argued that if it was a working class sport done on a Council Estate they would all be locked up. The argument it’s vermin control is a joke. The good chaps say proudly they don’t hunt during the breeding season, what!? How does that work if it’s vermin control.
The money spent just maintaining the kennels , horses etc, it’s a blood sport end of.

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