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16 Mar 2017
I'm assuming you have a fence/wall ?

You can buy ready made trees that have been grown specially, which have a long trunk to fence height with no vegetation, and then the trees are trained into a shield, so they have very narrow depth (take up no room), and spread about 5 or 6 feet either side of the trunk.

Damned if I can remember the name of them (not the tree - you can do it with many varieties), they do similar with fruit trees to put against a wall or fence, so you can have fruit but take up no space, but this one is designed to go in to shield neighbours, allows planting beneath, and doesn't restrict light too much.

They're expensive to buy, but very effective, and obviously long lasting so its a one off purchase.

Don't get leylandi they might grow quick upwards, but they also grow in every other direction, and take up a lot of effort keeping them cut, they also drain your garden of water, and drop loads of dead bits beneath.

What I'm describing is similar to what @TheRemainsOfTheDave has linked.
This place has a good variety ...

I think the term you were looking for was Pleached or Espalier for the training of branches of fruit trees.


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27 Mar 2009
Virginia creeper also does a good job, dont think it flowers but the leaves turn a lovely purple hue in the autumn. For about 2 days.

My Virginia Creeper does well, even survives the winter here. Hops are a really good vine for pricacy, have those around my porch


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26 Jan 2010
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Our next door neighbours have cut down a big tree that used to give us a lot of privacy in our back garden from the surrounding houses. Suddenly it feels very overlooked so we want to plant something(s) that will grow relatively quickly and be about 8-10ft tall. Any suggestions? Or know anyone in the south Manchester area who can do it for us for a reasonable price?

Bamboo in pots .... easy to maintain (and move around if needed) lovely rustling sound in the breeze and if on the right side some nice shade that lets the light through a little.

Remember tho ......BAMBOO IN POTS

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