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22 Dec 2005
Stockport (of course)
It's one thing to trash talk, but this **** has ALWAYS gone over the line and people eat it up. People say it's entertainment and selling the fight, that's all good and well when it's WWE and even the trash talk is made up and fabricated, but this is real shit and he's making real insults. And after all that when you get fucked up, you should humble yourself. Conor wasn't in that fight, he thinks he can get everyone out of there early and all his losses have been because of that. Dana said that it needs a fourth to end the cycle, bitch this was the trilogy to end it and it wasn't a freak accident the way the fight ended. Conor was getting battered, he was going to get taken out it was just a matter of time.
Give Dustin the title fight he deserves and Conor should work his way back up, if he really does have the desire to fight...otherwise go and enjoy your millions and your family.


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1 Mar 2005
The Blue Buus... is callin us... Driver, where you
McG doesn't need to fight a YTber.

£180m last year means he's not arsed, which is also why his focus is off.

You can't win one fight in 5 years and still be classed as worthy to be ranked.

This is Dana White keeping him in there for the money generated.

99% of fighters get turfed after losing 3 in a row and now I can see why many former UFC fighters think DW is a tool.

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