Hard men of football

Who is the hard man leader?

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The Stockport Iniesta

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21 Aug 2008
Tommy Smith didn't take too many prisoners...
My uncle played against Tommy Smith when he was at Burnley at Anfield.

My uncle was a winger, just a kid and he did Smith for pace, Smith said do that again and I'll break your leg.

Some hardcase Burnley player (don't remember his name) overheard, and told Smith, touch him and I'll break both your legs.

Smith never bothered my uncle after that.


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17 Jul 2012
Souness - harder than most so-called hard men and a better player too.

As mentioned though, Big Duncan would throttle any football hard man if they were both in their pomp.


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18 Jun 2009
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I have always maintained that if you give it you have to take it as well. Some of the players from generations back were genuinely 'hard men.' But in all fairness most of them knew they would be getting it back - with interest. Big Dave McKay, Ron Harris, Billy Bremner etc.
But it was the cowardly bastards like the Ginger Pig (Scholes) who was good at dishing out a few ankle-breakers, but didn't want to know when others wanted to retaliate. A real bastard coward, away from the protection of Gill, the Pisscan, the media and all the plastics that hero worshipped the dwarf, he was gutless.
The same as Ratboy: another snide coward with a lot say and do when surrounded by friends and colleagues, not so much when he's on his own.
I don’t agree that Bremner was a hard man.

He was a dirty little coward, IMHO.

Ron "Chopper" Harris, Tommy Smith and our own Mike Doyle and Mike Summerbee.


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17 Dec 2013
Billy Whiehurst by a country Mile...even Vinnie Jones admitted this, but that big ugly fucker for Bayern with blonde hair was a bit scary too, I remember Keane shitting himself in one game against him..really found him out ! Effanberg was it ?

Blue Til Death

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9 Jan 2013
Maine Rd - My Soul Home..
Anyone can play the hard man on a football field, if you want to see a hard man on and off the field, look no further than our very own Francis Lee.. He would have had everyone on that list for breakfast… Before he got out of bed…!!!

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