Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece


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9 Jan 2014
Just thinking.
They’re saying the retrial could take 2 years.
That would be perfect. We’d be back in a full stadium ready to sing to him.


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7 Mar 2005
Perth via Audenshaw
it Seems everyone is overlooking the elephant in the room. The Albanians clearly got to his ‘Glamorous’ pampered look at how gorgeous I am cos of our kids cash sister and whisked her away successfully having replaced her with some blonde girl they found wandering aimlessly through the airport and hungry for a few euros, with instructions to accompany slabhead home whilst keeping her mouth firmly shut. Eventually when he realises it’s not actually his real sis she’ll have already done a bunk whilst on a pretend nail salon run.


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27 Jan 2010
I’m fcuking sick of all the drivel on here questioning a guy just on holiday with his family and friends. Why you don’t believe his events what happened I don’t know.

I’ve seen James Bond films and it happens loads of times people bring injected and kidnapped, it’s usually with a sharp end of an umbrella but these Albanian gangsters are on another level, so fucking mental to use a sharp straw to stab and inject date rape drug on a girl is scary shit.
A dangerous world we live in and Mykinos will see worse as these lunatics escalate their terror campaign. Although the attackers have most certainly boarded their underwater high speed submarine onto the next island spreading terror across the med.


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25 May 2008
If you tolerate this
Team supported
Then your Children will be Next..
Don’t forget the bit that he was relieved to find himself in a cell so he knew he’s wasn’t going to be kidnapped
That particular bit of harrys story was astonishing.
As Echo amd the Bunneymen once sang

" What were you thinking of.?..when you dreamt that up"
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swinton blue

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8 Feb 2009
My take on the interview
He denied all charges but now saying there was a scuffle at the police station. Changing his statement already
This is what happens when you don't tell the truth, your story changes everytime you tell it
And saying I just want to draw a line under it and move on. Well I'm sorry the thick tosser you have a trail coming up so you can't forget it
Also if he was being kidnapped and feared for his life why wasn't this the basis for his defence. Did then just appoint a legal aid lawyer

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