Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece

Mike Cledford

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9 Jun 2019
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Man City
My sister and brother are invloved in a gratuitous and ridiculous court case in Greece atm (island) and the greek legal system is just made to keep the courts and solitors in jobs - I believe they are talking about a review atm.

Dont expect this to be resolved for another 2 years at least. He can not attend or ask for a postponement, and they will happily take fees off him. I love Greece and zthey have made massive steps to address their issues, but a lot of the bureaucracy still remains.
If it wasnt for Covid we would be on holiday right now and am sure we would have got a rundown in the bar.
We did think of buying out there but got frightened off by the bureaucracy. The lawyer was also the estate agent Too complicated by far.

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