How good was Maradona?

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  1. jma


    17 Jul 2012
    As a pure footballer, as good as, possibly better, than Messi.

    But he gets nowhere near Messi in terms of sustained excellence. The length of time that Messi has been head and shoulders above the rest, week in, week out, is ridiculous.

    The same goes for the Portuguese Ronaldo. Not comparable to Messi or Maradona as a pure footballer (although better than most) but has been at it, week in, week out, for a silly amount of time with only Messi able to match it.

    For that reason, I'd probably have him just ahead of Maradona in an all time top 3 list too. Even though Maradona was a far better footballer, if that makes sense.

    I'm not having Pele's 'consistency' though. Different ball game then. Although he is obviously still one of the greats.
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  2. Franny's toilet roll

    Franny's toilet roll

    23 Dec 2013
    Maradona was better than Messi . He was probably more skilful than Pele by a gnats cock but overall i would say Pele was the 'greater' player.
    Players back then , even more so in Pele's era had the absolute shit kicked out of them , but they could dish it out as well. Grew up on Pele and recently watched the 1970 Final again. What was surprising was how crap Brazil were in the first 15-20mins. Most shots were sailing way over the bar, hitting corner flags etc, Rivelino in particular, and he was a superb striker of the ball. Once they got the first goal and control of the game Brazil just turned it on. Very difficult to compare from different eras. One player i saw live very close up was David Ginola. Playing for Newcastle , his touch was superb, excellent control
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  3. blue_paul


    27 Feb 2008
    I’d agree with a lot of this, you gave to be amazed at the constant brilliance of Messi and the Portuguese Ronaldo, you cannot objectively argue against their stats, unparalleled in the modern game. Messi is a far more talented player and so most give him the edge here but C Ronaldo has, if anything, adapted his game to become even more clinical in later years.
    If we’re to judge players on stats, it’s those two and Pele really, the latter’s world cup record will always stand out, especially in an era when international football had a prestige above and beyond the club game.
    However, when we talk about the best, most natural footballer to play the game, it’s Maradona for me. Dragged an unfashionable Italian club to two Serie A titles, a World Cup win and another final and also did win a European trophy at Napoli.
    He didn’t play in the modern era, specifically in the era of super clubs, where a lot of Spanish league games are akin to a training exercise. Could you imagine him in sides with Xavi, Iniesta and Henry? Or Modric, Bale and for Ronaldo and let’s not forget he played with peak Rooney, Scholes and Tevez at United.
    Maradona played with Careca at Napoli with most of the rest, home grown, solid Italians, a young Zola probably stands out.
    Serie A was the best league in the world at the time but you were limited to 3 foreigners and only the top drawer players got signed. The likes of Gullit, Van Basten, Zico, Klinnsman and Matthaus were at the other top clubs at the time but it wasn’t like now where you’d get a side winning a European cup with no Italian players as Inter did under Mourinho.
    You could kick lumps out if players back then too, it was far more physical, look at what Bilbao defenders did to him in Spain, the modern player faces nothing of the sort.
    His touch, vision, control, dribbling were all unmatched. Maybe not Messi’s speed when moving with the ball but or his goal scoring but just a slightly more gifted version all round.
    As an aside, in terms of raw talent, the Brazilian Ronaldo is right up there, an immense player who was never really the same after so many injuries early in his career.
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  4. City Hobgoblin

    City Hobgoblin

    22 Feb 2014
    Almost drowned in cess pit when he was a kid.

    Nearly got signed by Sheffield United.

    Two narrow escapes
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  5. BlueMoonz1977


    23 Jan 2012
    Valley of the Shadows
    Best player ever.

    In a time where footballing heroes were just that, along came a player with an ability off the charts.

    The explosion of kids wanting a number 10 Argentina shirt back in 1986 and after was huge - I remember getting mine

    Every kid playing football pretended to be him

    A joy to watch.

    All geniuses are flawed and Maradona is no exception, the amount of media attention he earned along with consistently being assaulted in tackles played it's part as well

    Apart from the obvious football memories, 2 that I always remember are him doing keepy ups with a golf ball and the cross he did into the box - first clip on this video

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  6. Cellarite


    12 Jan 2010
    in the away end at hillsborough clapping benarbia
    Fantastic video that. He did love an overhead cross.
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  7. Magicpole


    30 Sep 2016
    Team supported:
    He was not bad at all.
  8. TonyM


    8 Aug 2006
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  9. city986


    3 Jun 2009
    Said it before on here there's maradona and the rest just pail into insignificance, and yes he's a twxt of the highest order
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  10. purplenose


    25 Oct 2015
    The Deep South of Cheshire
    Always difficult to compare generations. taking into account the difference of the playing surfaces during Maradonas career some of the stuff he could do was astonishing. Old fashioned defending favoured him, not sure how he would do against the more cultured defender of today. Is he the best ever, better than Messi or Ronaldo? His lack of professionalism and cheating perhaps causes him to fall short in comparison but regretfully I have to say on his day he would be up there with them.
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