How would we play against Barca?


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4 Jan 2010
SS117, Didsbury.
This is the thing with City at the moment, fans are getting carried away on the wave. There's not a cat-in-hell's chance that we'd beat Barcelona or be anywhere near them and to suggest otherwise is complete and utter arrogance on a grand scale and makes us all look like cunts basically.

Their whole club is streets ahead of ours from the bottom to the top and it's a model we're trying to emulate. One day we might get there but until we have 100,000 plus members and the best player the world has (arguably) ever seen playing for us and we've won the European Cup on three or more occassions then we might be talking.

Until then, Blue Moon!
i agree to some level, if we cant beat munich away or napoli home and away how can we beat barca?but then again barca play a similar open game to us, we'll find out next yearanyway


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9 Feb 2009
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Barca are in a different class to us. We're not at their level yet. The biggest thing would be a complete lack of pace and mobility from defensive midfield; Barry is one-two'd around and ran past with ease at the top level and he's not the only one with no pace in that position.

There are two ways to beat Barca. One, you have to press them hard all over the pitch for 90minutes - Real did it for an hour at the weekend but then stopped, they lost. We don't press all over the pitch. Two, you sit back like we did at Arsenal last season and like Certon did at ours this season but try and nick a winner on the break - we could do this!

But I really think we'd get easily beaten if we went toe-to-teo with them.

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