How's your mood after the RM game?

We gave it a right go, like we have most years and you can only do it at these levels for so long. I'm really proud of the boys, they couldn't have given much more. There are ways to win and we won't compromise on ours, proud of that too. I hope they get some reward for this at the end of the season.

For myself, I think it's important I feel that sting of defeat, that feeling we used to get more regularly. It makes you appreciate the good times even more and keeps you grounded and not become rag like.
Still feel disappointed we have gone out, I wanted to win it again. Saturday will be a tough ask, the players will be knackered.
Think it goes to show just how fucking hard this competition is to win and how monumental last year's efforts were.
Even harder next year with the money grabbing fuckers at UEFA adding more games and more teams.

Add in three domestic competitions, the Euros and pointess International breaks and something has got to give.

Teams will have to throw at least one competition under the bus.

I don't even bother to watch many televised matches these days I have been overdosed on the game.
I posted after 1am in here. After a few hours of 'sleep' (if you can call it that), I've woken up feeling much the same. Which is a feeling of positivity and optimism.

Our boys will be hurting and this will drive them on. I don't want to go out of two cups in the space of three days, but in many ways I'm glad we're in FA Cup action this weekend and not the Premier League. It's like a free hit, with the massive incentive of a final at the end of it. It would potentially be a lot harder to play an away league game and risk damage to the PL campaign.

Contrast last night with Arsenal, who apparently put in a gutless display and went out with barely a whimper. They're at Molineux in two days' time knowing they're under severe pressure. Same with Liverpool at Fulham on Sunday.

I'll reiterate - that level of performance from last night, if repeated between now and the end of the season, would win us the league. We've had a lot of games like last night this season where we give silly goals away, dominate the match, but can't break them down. We're just not quite the team we were last season but we're talking tweaks rather than major surgery. With that in mind, the CL campaign ending now might not be the worst thing ever.

I can remember being stood talking to some City lads at Madrid Airport nearly two years ago. It was the day after we lost in extra-time. We all said "look, win the last four league games and this pain goes away". Well, we won three, drew one and thus won the league with three goals in five minutes to beat Villa.

So roll on Saturday! And roll on the rest of the season. We are six league games away from the greatest achievement in 136 years of English domestic football history.
The game sums up our season for me.

Energy & fitness an issue (prob lack of squad players)
Not taking chances

The only game I believe we should have lost this season was villa away I honestly believe we should of won every other game inc Madrid but haaland & Kev are not fit this season

The players gave everything last night. That’s all we can ever ask
Less bothered than I thought I would be. Madrid's tactics were awful for a so called great team. Onward to Saturday
Morning after, still feel fucking shite. How we can dominate for so long and not make it count has really frustrated me but I've found home games this season generally boring, I don't like how we are playing, teams coming and sitting in defence and hitting us on the break game after game has pissed me off, away fans sitting round me is pissing me off, if I hadn't already renewed I genuinely think I might have knocked it on the head, I only go now so I get to spend time with my old man doing something we both love
Deflated. To totally dominate that game and come away with nothing it’s truly gutting. I’m also feeling annoyed with Bernardo superstar and legend that he is. Why not just slide an easy penalty into one of the corners to have us two new up. Would’ve kept them momentum with us. I’m also nervous about Saturday and I’m not sure physically the boys will be able to get up for it again. But I’ll still be cheering us throughout and hopefully on to a fourth title. We are blessed supporting this team right now even if in might not feel like it this morning.

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