Huddersfield (a) Pre-Match Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by MarsLlama, 13 Feb 2017.

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  1. Chippy_boy


    11 Aug 2008
    After my post above and hearing of possible team changes, I am now officially worried.
  2. Danny_Johnson4


    11 Aug 2014
    Good post and very welcome insight,
    Think tomorrow is sort of 'in the way' to a certain extent for both sides, with bigger challenges ahead in the next few weeks

    We are often very, very strong in these matches in the FA Cup with our 'second' string, as our reserves are usually light years ahead of the fringe players other sides put out
    If you do go full strength, bar Mooy (who you are right, is probably the best player in the Championship, and at a higher level than shelvey easily), then it will be a seriously good game
    Expect us to get some blood into the legs of a few certain starters for tuesday for probably no longer than 45/60 mins, and hopefully be 2-0 up and in a situation where we can relax
    Coin toss otherwise though,

    Hope you go up!
  3. bluetonium


    24 Sep 2008
    Secret HQ of the Anti-Banoffee League
    Expecting a very tough game, but we should have enough to get the result here. Mooy can't play which is a bonus, I'd like yaya or silva in there to help us control and retain possession better, but also welcome the opportunity for Vinny, Delph, Fernando, Zaba, Kelechi, Navas and Nolito to get some game time. However, this is tougher than some people realise and we can't put too many second stringers in without damaging our playing style and therefore chances of winning,we just don't have a full squad of players capable of doing what we'd like to do - i.e. keep possession to draw players out of position and create one on ones and then use pace and a quick pass to get in on goal (and then put it away.. looking at you Navas...)

    Our back four will comprise of the best solution to deal with their forward line, are they quick counter attackers or possession based? I think the latter from what I hear so could be interesting for us, Wagner strikes me as an all or nothing guy so could be a few goals here. Wearing them down won't work as well here as they are at home in a cup match, likely they'll find that extra yard, but maybe we can use their eagerness against them by controlling the game from the off and exploiting early on the one player who moves too far out of position to chase us down.

    I except also that we'll be pressed from the off, so we need fast wide players as an outlet up front, as well as players able to find space , retain the ball and pass with one touch or none. That screams Yaya, KDB and Silva for me, which limits opportunities for the others. Maybe rest one of Silva or Kev and have Fernandinho or Delph step in with Zaba at full back, though I'm yet to be convinced that Delph can retain and then use the ball efficiently enough for a Pep side, but reading Pep's comments about Delph and how he offers something slightly different to what we have elsewhere, I can see him starting him in the cup.
  4. Charlesfarsbar


    18 Jun 2016
    You sound confident and I think it will be a close game based on the fact that I dont think we will play our best 11 given we have the Monaco game next week

    I really hope that you go for it and press us high up the pitch. We have looked really good this season against the more attacking teams in the premier league, usually individual mistakes by our defenders have lead to simple goals for the opposition which means we haven't always got the results we have deserved.
  5. MarsLlama


    23 May 2016
    I think even if we play our best XI we will struggle. With rotation this will be a really hard match and I can see us going out. Huddersfield are that good.
  6. Otamendi's Beard

    Otamendi's Beard

    11 Jul 2007
    I imagine Huddersfield will give a really good account of themselves with effort, aggression and spirit, but our quality will win over.

    If we give Delph, Iheanacho, Nolito games alongside Toure, De Bruyne or Silva and Fernando then we'll have enough to dispatch them. I'd be tempted to give Sterling and Sane a half each too so that we have both pace and a goal threat from wide.
  7. Smile Awhile Terrier

    Smile Awhile Terrier

    17 Feb 2017
    Huddersfield Town fan and Club Partner in peace here
    All I wanted to say was I hope that those on here who are coming have a fantastic afternoon with us and welcome to Huddersfield!
    I am hoping for a good close match with lots of attacking football - I hope we impress you with our pressing style of play and fitness levels. You are sure to put us to the test
    My son has Man City as his premier league faves but his first love is for Town so he is massively excited
    Having read your board I am impressed with your honesty and kind comments about our club and the respect you appear to be showing us
    Rest assured it is right back at you!
    Good luck and, as I say, Welcome to Huddersfield!
  8. Akiva


    5 May 2016
    Come on now, it would be a major upset regardless of how good a Championship side they are.

    We get this same bullshit in every pre-match thread where seasoned City fans come in and collectively wet the bed with fears of our side losing to all kinds of lesser opposition and it's beyond ridiculous. I don't underestimate Huddersfield for a second, and they'll give us a good game, but let's be realistic here.
  9. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    How anybody can believe putting Bravo in nets is a good move ? Do we want to win the FA cup or not ?
  10. BLUEMATT23


    20 Oct 2008
    Why so many picks for Bravo?
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