Is it time for City to move on from Kompany & Toure?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Dribble, 13 Sep 2017.

  1. nottsco2-0


    21 May 2013
    Belgium might not have got the chemistry quite right but with the talent in their squad they have the chance to go very deep into the world cup to the semis and with a fair wind even the final. I suspect that's why Vinny isn't retiring from international football and, hand on heart, who can blame him?

    I'd prefer it if there were no meaningless qualifiers, we all would, but it's the situation we're in. As I see it, he'll be made to sit out as a quasi-punishment and might even get picked for the league cup next week and we'll be fine for him for a couple of months and then revisit this chat again.

    Yaya is a bit part player, was probably kept on for his dressing room influence as much as anything. He will have a role to play and the contract was the right idea, but he'll get a max of around 20 games all season in all comps. As it should be for a pro winding down .
  2. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    Which other Belgian players are always getting injured when on Belgian duty then?
  3. Lord Blue

    Lord Blue

    13 May 2008
    croydon (but manchester born and bred)
    Given that we're in a world cup year. it's possible that Kompany will quit international football after the world cup. which would be reasonable to all sides given age and fitness.
  4. Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    6 May 2009
    over the rainbow
    Will he make the squad if he puts his body on the line this season??

    He's playing a dangerous game with his long term ability to perform..

    The reality is this should be him going to Russia at his peak and retiring from internationals, however I'm not sure he can sustain the 2 to get there!
  5. avoidconfusion


    22 Sep 2008
    Based on the last two games I do not think Kompany should walk back into the first Team should he fit for the game against Watford. Stones and Otamendi deserve to be first choice right now
  6. CelesteItis


    12 May 2012
    Where my tryin' ain't done no good
    Not yet, perhaps in a season or two.
    We still need the new lads to learn from Yaya's majestic quality and Vinnie's leadership and blueness.
  7. jayfx


    17 Jul 2009
    Not really here
    He didn't say City should force him to retire. I agree, Kompany should have called it a day on his international career a long time ago.
  8. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    Unfortunately, it's the World Cup next Summer
  9. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    Stones display last night was every bit as good as Vinnie in his pomp. Granted, not against top notch opposition but I have always thought that John was bought to become Vinnies successor. He is now proving that the club got that spot on. Future captain too.
  10. PW


    21 Aug 2017
    Up to a point we have moved on from Toure and Kompany, with, for different reasons neither likely to play a prominent role this season.

    VK, as others have pointed out should really decide what is most important, extending you're domestic career, or gambling on playing for the National team. Preserving himself and taking the extra rest during the international or pushing his body beyond its obvious limits and ending up injured. VK is and always will be a true legend and should remain at the club, but I do think he should look at the likes of Ledley King and Paul McGrath and understand that he may end up cutting his career short if he doesn't. I think had the right player been available in the summer we would have signed him, but Bonucci the only real top class CB wasn't leaving Italy and the prices banded around for VVD and JFE were absolutely ridiculous, with neither any better than what we already have.

    Yaya is a totally different ball game, fantastic player, immense during our title winning seasons, but a grade one pain in the arse during every close season. Links away from the club, birthday cakes and that clown of an agent have tarnished what should have been the golden era of his career. I always felt that he was playing a games with the club and that he could do and say what he wanted because he was too important to be shipped out. He also never seemed to show any genuine loyalty up until last season when all of a sudden he wanted to finish his career with us. I don't understand his mindset, the fans loved him, but he went out of his way to try and ostracise himself, which lost him a lot if respect.

    Pep was never going to take any of this nonsense and has dealt with him robustly. I think he will play this season, but his role will be reduced to a calming influence to be brought on in the latter stages of key games where we need to take the sting out of the opposition once we are winning. This is something that he is a master of and requires little physical excursion, which now suits his game.

    The future, well Yaya's gone at the end of the year that's a fact and Vinny has some decisions to make and if it's not the right one for the club, Pep will make it for him.

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