Is there an unspoken agreement from some clubs not to sell to us?


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tbf by all accounts we thought we would get him on the cheap. We tried to play poker and when it was clear it was 150m or nothing we pulled out. That is just business.

As for Grealish being hawked about, I don't expect anything less. Villa wouldn't be doing their jobs properly if they didn't but its pretty small time because what if rags had said yes? Grealish had it made it clear he wanted City so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.
Villa just wanted to shout from the rooftops how Madrid and the rags were bidding for Grealish because thats how big they are....

There is no collusion to not sell us players, if there is they aren't doing a good job because we have won 3 prems in a row and taken key players from most top clubs in europe on our way.

Jorginho wanted the easy life with Sarri so held on to the end to wait for him to go to Chelsea and so forth. Its taken him 3 years and he has 1 CL to show for it and if Lampard was there he would have no trophies and probably been sold.

Clubs dont like dealing with us because they can't take the piss anymore.

We buy players on a release clause where possible because its straight forward and we don't have to listen to Levy, ADL, Perez and so forth banging on about FFP and how City have tapped up their players and should be sent to the pits. Speak to the player, send his lawyers the money, player joins. Job done.
Correct but unfortunately it’s 3 out of 4 not 3 in a row

Plain Speaking

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12 Dec 2010
Really, I think it would shock you what some of our players earn.

Take Benjamin Mendy as an example - been considered a cast off for two seasons - earns close to £140k a week.

People like Jesus, Bernie, Laporte - all who have contemplated moves but already earning over £100k a week and clubs can't meet that and also factor in our valuations.

£100k was just a figure I used as an example.

Tosin was on £25k a week as a kid with little experience under his belt, same goes for Patrick Roberts and such.

All fringe, earning amazing money and a barrier to us asking for decent fees, certainly less than true market value.

Adebayor on £190k a week, couldn't shift him and had to accept £5m from Spurs to get his wages off the bill.

We pay handsomely, whether they be elite like KDB, or Zin at the lower scale.

And that's before other achievable bonuses.
This website apparently reveals what PL players are on?
Not sure where the information is from? Reckons Mendy is on £90k/wk, Bernardo £150k, Laporte £120k and Jesus £90k.
All PL clubs are on the site, as well as many US sports. Other European football leagues are not available yet.

Liverpool relatively low salaries, Chelsea middling except Lukaku £325k, United's latest signings are on very high wages Ronaldo £520k, Varanne £340k, (compare to slabhead £190k!), Sancho £350k may give unrest in future?
Ederson's new salary is not known! Grealish apparently on £300k same as Sterling.
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1 Oct 2014
Chairmen get together, have drinks after meetings, Whatsapp each on and so on. There are popular figures and less popular figures. As an "unwritten rule", I suspect many of them don't want to sell their best players to the most domestically dominant team in the league, and that they openly say that. But I understand that as well: why would they want to? City winning every year probably isn't good for the rest of the league, and it's not like we are the good guys either, given some of the stuff around the European Super League etc. If the price is right, though, and the player wants to come here then they don't really have a choice, or at least money tends to trump morality in football. It's part of the reason why City probably prefer dealing with European players, not just because you get more for your money, but also that you don't have to deal with the rest of the league.


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25 Apr 2015
People forget that little "meeting" in New York between Rags,Dippers, Arse and Spuds chief exec officers a couple of years ago.

I'm sure they might have discussed something mutually beneficial involving fucking us over.
I wouldn’t expect any teams to want to sell their best players to us let alone the ‘big’ ones
We’re not likely to sell anyone We want to any of those teams either.
Don’t see the issue


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22 May 2004
Ascending to the 5th Dimension
I wouldn’t expect any teams to want to sell their best players to us let alone the ‘big’ ones
We’re not likely to sell anyone We want to any of those teams either.
Don’t see the issue
It's more than not selling to a rival.

The old cunts don't like us and have tried every trick in the book legally to stop us dominating the league.

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