It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread


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3 Aug 2018
But ultimately not included him as he is different player, different position, different reaponsibilities. Could include Bernardo Gundo and KDB if you want to as well, I was discussing forwards and wingers, not attacking midfielders. All of who were here and are still here regardless. I know Pep plays it a bit more fluid, but they are still defined players in defined roles
Jack is a left winger who plays as a left winger for us and played his best stuff at Villa on the LW....and he will continue to do so at us untill Pep decides otherwise

Just because he's a different type of forward doesn't mean he's not a forward


10 Nov 2020
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Man City
Nah, not for me… and a sizeable number of fans are of the same opinion. PL always the priority. I still support us in it, but I would have been more upset had we not beaten Villa, than losing to Madrid. It’s just a cup competition; a big one admittedly, but a cup competition nevertheless. I guess younger supporters crave the CL, whereas older supporters (like me) prefer the PLf
Have to agree. Feels like there is a degree of luck with a cup competition, favourable draws etc. Whereas the league is just pure grit where the best team over the course of a season comes out on top, no arguments.

howfen blue

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2 Jun 2010
With the Ake transfer we hold all the aces. If Chelsea want him so badly we will hopefully be getting 50m or so for a squad player who is not in the same league as the other 3 we have.

If they don't pay up we get to keep a good squad player for another season and I think we would still manage to get the bulk of our money back in 12 months.


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3 Sep 2012
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Sorry but that is the trophy WE, as in Man City, want to win the most

We have 6 Prem titles in 11 years, can't see how the Champions League isn't THE trophy given its significance in European football and the honour it holds
Despite the club (no matter who is speaking) always puts the league first? Who exactly are you speaking for then? Certainly not myself.

Even Salah the other week put the league first and then added the CL as an afterthought.

Big Dave Watson

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25 Aug 2009
I don't think we will go with the youth option you suggest.

I'm sure City has a list of experienced, fourth-choice back ups, who are able to just do a job for a small amount of game time.
Would rather go with something in between as we have seen what a couple of defensive injuries can do. What about the Argentinian at Ajax that Utd are sniffing around?

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