It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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30 Jun 2019
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Manchester City
I can’t understand why we haven’t gone in with a bid? So they are willing to get nothing for him when he leaves on a free?

Why would we bid? He is not available, and does not want to leave before his contract expires. He did for a monent or two, but has resigned to staying and drawing a line under it. No point until at least one of those two if not both changes. Till then, waste of time, resource, and no need for that type of attention.


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4 Jun 2009
It actually makes me sad and angry in equal measure.

I suspect that even if he won't say it, he has lost some respect for Barcelona as a club, irrespective of their dick president.

Our fans would be taking to the streets if our club had done this to Vinny, Dave or Sergio.
Absolute disgrace how the club have treated him. He deserves a lot better.


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27 Jul 2020
Are we buying both Kounde and Koulibaly?

Of course not.
Lots of tweets point to Koundé right now but I still don’t think the Koulibaly deal is dead:

I still wouldn’t know who to pick honestly. 55/45 for Koulibaly maybe.

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