It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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7 Jan 2011
You didn't see the game last night then? Blowing out of his arse after 30 minutes.
I saw the first half. But he stayed on for the full 90 and Atalanta (one of the most exciting attacking sides) didn't score again after that opening half hour.

Again, I'm not suggesting City should go for him, but I think he presents decent value for some team on a free for a year or two when the going rate for a top CB now seems to be over £60m.

St.Pauli support

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17 Feb 2010
Ha, I don't even know who the players are, never mind the percentage likelihood of them signing!
Wait wait... Think there might be a hidden message in that!
Hm, it's about so called "players". And they might be "signing" something...

"Ha" is a typical regional statement around Dakar, Senegal.
And the high number of vowels used in the sentence tells me everything about an imminent Aouar deal.
Case closed.

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