It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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2 Feb 2012
Was too big a circus last season around Messi leaving and us quietly waiting. For us to say no we don't want him now that there might be less fees involved and the fact he can actually walk out without Barcelona putting a gun to his head makes me think its still on for sure. who wouldn't want him for a year or two max? saves pennies on a striker potentially this year. He would potentially break the goals/assists record next season with the quality of our "possession based" squad. He still not signed a contract or said himself he will be staying next season and there's like 2-3 weeks left? Surely its a pretty obvious move?! I accepted defeat last summer and even until recently then Tolmie appears again, I don't want to get myself as invested again but here I am writing another post on Messi... lol Please happen (I'd be in favour of not signing a striker if it meant we miss out on Haaland and got Kane)


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27 May 2004
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Can only see any involvement we have with Barca being selling someone to them
Well Messi is a free agent in 20 days.....still. not signed anything regarding a new contract...the longer that goes on the better the chance....he must still be having doubts or he would have signed it before now

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