It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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24 Jul 2017
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Manchester City
There will undoubtedly be news today.

Whether it is true or not, may be a different matter!

Unless there is something definitive, the Villa press pack will be in control of the narrative, which will have a pro-slant of its own, have it hanging in balance.

If I were to guess, the stages will go from Grealish talking to Villa, him having second thoughts, being offered double his present salary, to clearing out his locker and saying goodbye to his team-mates.

There's a lot of flannel the bingo blaggers can use yet before Sky Sports come along to tell us all how much they are breaking the news, can break out their shit-stained comparison graphics.
Thanks Tolm, yeah that would certainly suit them. Same news cycle, won't be surprised. Can't wait for the meltdown talking our transfers every segment


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13 Aug 2005
Clifton Village
something a foot talkshite presenters proclaimimg they cant buy both its not fair only miss saywer talking sense kane signed long term contract to protect spurs into getting bigger fee

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