It's time to buy a new computer.

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  1. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    Its time to buy a new computer after accomplishing much with a Dell that served us for the best part of half a decade.
    Dell love their customers always forging a repatouire with the customer base.
    I have had two Dells and both of them made me grin.My last Dell was canabolised for the sum of it's parts and waits patiently to be brought out of semi retirement should a future componant ever fail to please.

    The system I have at present was aquired by circumstances beyond my control carrying great sentimental value so will continue to be repaired and tickled until it's tongue hangs out and then some more.
    It's a beautiful AMD 8 coupled alongside an AsRock FM2A55M-DGS and it's aesthetics are beyond reproach.
    Everything is where it's supposed to be and accesibility is a breeze whilst being finished in a high polished gloss mirror midi cabinet that simply oozes splendour and madame glamour.

    Here is the Rock Motherboard and incidently AS-rock are one of my favourite brands having never let me down with a usable friendly bios for jo-soaps as me to tamper with.

    Not a bad motherboard to be honest and apart from a few cooling issues where I repasted and provided a bigger heatsink has held it's post under much duress.
    It has eight gig of ddr3 ram and it's graphics are dealt with by an onboard shared Radion 7 which plays a lot of games smoothly.
    Today I put it through it's paces with Unreal Tournament .Any one remember it ? Circa 2003 and still a great game for a fps.
    Whilst not an ardent gamer I have always been more fond of the action of mouse keyboard cordination stacking high in the minds eye of do-ability..Can't use a gamepad to save my life.

    Im drifting but I think whilst I am sourcing a new PC it's only fair that this present one does not feel left out and gets a nice Black Friday makeover to stand alongside our new kid on the block.
    Good for muti player usage with the grandkids being frequent callers to our cave.
    Cost is the biggest factor in all we do so I do not want to overdo the makeover but jizz it up enough to use as a second gaming rig.
    Just ordered some more ram and a new power supply unit 650 w corasair

    Also a new graphics card to titalate and delight but what graphics can I couple up to it.
    I don't want to put strain on the set up so settled with a Geforce 1050 but the ti vertion carrying 4 gig instead of 2 with the 1050 base model.
    Not much extra pennies for the extra benchmarks so cash well spent I think.
    Coming in on budget at £145 for the card and suprisingly Currys next day delivery was the lowest price in town.
    Well done lads well done ! You really do tend to take much stick on lifes travels and a lot of which is totally undeserved.
    They supplied our OLED TV and it is still incredible so thank you boys.
    I know it's coming close to the Friday sales and these chaps are holding a lot of the aces especialy with their TV special OLED deal.
    Its incredible and the savings are there for all to see.
    It's the OLED C7 series and retailed at middlish 4k but now is 2.7 k ...Wow just wow.
    Sadly it's not a glass on glass model E6 and does not incorperate 3d but nevertheless is a true OLED and also a 65 Incher at that !

    I don't want to deviate to the downright daft because this is a serious subject matter and one that I hope helps others negate this minefield of PC aquasition.But if I was to set a song to "Tv Oled Love At First Sight" then this would be it..

    I never did think upgrading to 1060 graphics was acceptable.
    Assuming a 4 gig 1050ti could handle most thown at it save for intenser AAA games at top level.
    When I cast my mind back to the old days and my first pc build I remember with fondness my original graphics set up.
    Does any one remember Voodhoo cards .. ..well I scan linked two together and the results were amazing simply amazing.
    How well we have progressed from the late nineties.How far have we all travelled together ?
    I guess we dont know were born and never had it so good.

    Whilst I am waiting for my parts to come tommorow from the wonderful Amazon Prime I am researching the market for my new nos 1 computer.
    Spec is simple in that I will use it for internet and business..some photo editing lots of music and occational gaming .
    About 80% of it's life span will be spent surfing the silver highways exploring new worlds and boldly going where no man has been before.
    I have an idea that I will plumb for a higher end motherboard and look for guidance from other Moonwalkers more astute than me in geekology.

    A Geforce 1060-1070 card would be cool and the basis for any VR or 4K future use.
    Always had an affinity with AMD over Intel.
    Its what you get used to I guess but I wouldnt mind a dabble with the new ryzon 5 procesesor.
    Motherboard as I said I'm not sure but have used many ASrock and Asus in the past with both being solid.
    Graphically a Geforce 1060 1070 would be cool or the Radion 580 looking tip top but somewhat expensive

    This is a good song by some cowboy friends of mine as all we journey on this new sabatical to absolute nirvana.
    Computers are our window to the world and how we view the outdoors.
    Soon we will not have to venture into that smog laden den of inequity outsiders call normality and will be able to interact were social interacting should be home safe and warm eh.

    It's only sensible we buy the best horse that bitcoins can buy to trot us into the next decade without fear of alarm angst or harrisment.
    Buy well and we survive.

    All things are ready if our minds be so.Perish the man whos mind is backward now !
    So hombres with time severly against us.
    Lets ride:

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  2. manimanc


    26 Jul 2010
    breaking into heaven.....
  3. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    And that includes alcholol lad so when youv'e finished your Baileys and ice .. up the dancers !
    Work in the morning ?
  4. RadcliffeRick


    27 Oct 2011
    Kuala Lumpur Via Radcliffe
    I feel a black Friday build up coming on from @Taxi
  5. quiet_riot


    2 Jun 2006
    Block 221
  6. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009

    How about a ZX spectrum?
  7. Blue Maverick

    Blue Maverick

    6 Aug 2010
    I’d hang off Black Friday prices historically come down in December even lower to get sales up.
  8. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    I still have a copy of Horace goes skiing and potty pigeon.
    The 128 Spectrum was cool but in our giddyness lets not forget the dependable Commodore : /

    No less than 64 kilobytes of ram lol.
    Laugh as we may but this machine earned it's rightful place into the guiness book of records for topping all sales expectations.
    Did anyone know that ?
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  9. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    I agree and whilst Black Friday held a few isolated buys the majority of reductions were for clearing away end of line stock which is no bad thing.
    A canny buyer will always aquire last years technology and save a kings ransom.
    I realised all this on the buying a TV thread when I sourced our E6..Even the new year sales had little impact on it's price.
    If you are in the market for a TV then a great time to buy is summer when demand wanes and folk are more absorbed with cornet licking.

    Computers are a different beast in that we can build and manipulate to an exact specification and a price to suit the fiscal pocket.
    We also have the benefit to tickle older machines by breathing new life into tired bones.
    This is what's happening with humans now with hips and kneecaps @two a penny.If only Steve Austin were alive to witness this new millenia !
    But this is not for everyone and the good thing is last years computer technology is sooo way ahead of itself.
    Most moderate systems absorb all that the game companies can throw at them and can be aquired for pennies.
    Sometimes it's really not worth building one for the sum of it's parts.It can be just as cheap to grab a built system with warranty and backup.
    I may end up doing this ?

    But for the here and now I have started my project of regenerating this A8 as the parts have just arrived at our care home.
    How good is online shopping and ecommerce ?
    Identify the product and source at the keenest price and press the buy button..
    It's the future innit.



    This can happen if we lose concentration.I ordered a 550 instead of the 650.
    I Thought it was cheap at £40.I think this should be enough guff for a 1050 TI 4gig card and the existing comps specs.Anyone ?

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  10. talkativesprout


    30 Mar 2009
    Just for making me feel old for having the mighty Commodore 16 plus 4......sorry :)



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