Jack Grealish

Do you want us to sign Grealish?

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David Silva

Well-Known Member
24 Jun 2010
There was one called Desert Rat (can't remember if it was here or on the MEN website), posted once only about someone we were signing. Saying that I can't even remember who it was we signed!

So to summarise, I can't remember very much about something that happened.

There was a fella back in 2009 summer (can’t remember the username) who called Barry and Tevez before they happened, and then solidified his ITK status by announcing we’d be signing Stuart Taylor despite zero links. Lo and behold..

jay laruja

Well-Known Member
15 May 2012
Why are we suddenly so enthralled about this guy? I mean he's good and I'd love him to play for us. But never did I think that we'd sell the likes of Bernardo, Gabby, and (fuck me) Sterling just to get him.

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