Knife crime


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13 May 2006
Now the rather portly Ken Clarke has changed his mind about the Conservative policy on jail time for people carrying knives, It seems we are determined to go weak and send less people to jail and use the rehabilitation approach rather than punishment.

My face got sliced by a blade on Saturday so I'm worried it will scar now, but this latest change in policy has really made me worried about the way this country is going. More and more people feel they can get away with what they want, sometimes I wish we followed more the US judiciary system.

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Great, so somebody actually has to get stabbed before a sentence is given to yobs carrying knives, brilliant well that restores a lot of security. I can't believe only a caution will be given to those in possession of a knife.

My brother was stabbed a few years which was a terrible ordeal, when the fuck will the UK government clamp down on knife crime with a firm hand and give heavy penalties? Too many liberals believe in rehabilitation and using soft methods with dealing in knife crime.
I think the problem is?! When he looked at how many people he would have to send to prison he had to change tact! There is not enough prison places to accommodate them! That is the bottom line, why the fuck they don't build more prisons is beyond me!
If you're carrying a knife then my theory is that you are intent on using it, eitehr to rob, mame or murder. All should carry the same sentance if caught in possession. Unless your name is Ray Mears.
Old thread from eleven years ago and nothing has changed, in fact it’s worse .
Every day headlines of knife attacks and nothing has been done about it .
Anyone see the kick off in Hyde Park
.2ft machetes
Knives are the new knuckledusters. Too many people surviving stabbings so they think its just a non fatal scary tactic amongst twat wars.

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