Legal advice please!

Ha ha, I really wouldn’t know!

A few years ago I ran a small Sales/Project team made up of myself, a rep on the road (male) and 2 girls in an Office. Newly married girl needed a word, she told me she was up the tub and not coming back as she wanted to spend time with her baby, however her best mate was looking for a new challenge so we took her on to integrate her into the role.

Fast forward a couple of months, second colleague tells me she’s “with child”, but she would return after having her baby.

So we’ve got 1st replacement and second colleague for a few months but would need a temporary replacement which was ok as my mate joined us as a maternity leave replacement, he’d been made redundant and had a job lined up for later in the year.

So, we’re ok, alls good, then first girl’s replacement tells me she’s up the duff, ffs, that was 3 of them out of an office that was just about big enough for 4 desks. We were part of a larger organisation that occupied the whole of the 5th floor at Pear Mill in Stockport.

I was late 40’s at the time and my female colleagues were all about early to mid 20’s, you can imagine the stick I took but it wasn’t my stick that did the damage.

All good fun though, we all got along well, lost touch with them, the kids will 17/18 now.
Common denominator in all of this is you mate!

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