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Very much a game of two halves. We started really well, though Alvarez was really obviously struggling, if ever a game cried out for Grealish it was this one. Despite that we had a lead and a few decent chances unfortunately poor final balls wasted some great opportunities. All the same it felt like we put the handbrake on a little.

Second half was a slog from Ake’s poor pass and Ederson’s brain fart until the subs came on and for a while we regained some control but we lost that when we stopped pressing and got deeper and deeper. Still could have won it with Doku’s effort. It’s a terrible pity it stayed out. That would have done wonders for a player struggling recently.

Glad we hung on for a point but having led it felt like a bit of a lost opportunity but we were probably fortunate to leave with a draw considering our inability to hold onto the ball for the last 10 minutes of normal time and injury time.

Ortega, Stones, Rodri, Kovacic and Akanji did well.

Ake, back pass aside defended well enough but some poor passing was really frustrating.
Walker was a real curate’s egg, some fine defensive cover some decent breaks but some woeful positioning and poor crossing held us back.

Foden and KDB started well but faded as a result we really struggled to get Haaland involved. Bernardo did some things well but had some really poor moments.
Not at our best but we hit the post and bar and had clear cut chances to win it. I said to my sons - 'we can only give this away' and we duly obliged courtesy of an error from Ake - he makes a mistake about once a season. The laws of physics tell you that if someone is tripped they fall downwards. Nunez is diving upwards before he reaches Ederson - unnatural. As for Doku, although he hesitated - definitely not a pen.

Should have won 4 - 3, but we fight on.
For what? For Mac Allister jumping chest first into a guy playing a volley. Give me a fucking break. Just play the fucking game and stop looking for handouts at every turn. Mac Allister barely got touched and acted like he was shot. I'd say it's a foul on him for impeding Doku's follow through. How's that for a perspective...
Not the best to be fair.
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For me Ederson never made contact with Nunez.

That converted pen inspired the dippers and the atmos in the ground changed and swung the momentum to them.

We were fortunate to come away with a point in the end.

Felt for Ake, usually so reliable.
I thought the same, Eddie never made contact but then how did he injury himself? The only thing I could think was it maybe looked like his knee locked backwards a touch.

Either way, we were just so poor today (bar the first 10 mins).
Hugey relived to have come away with a draw and I just hope we cam string some decent results together and beat Arsenal.
Before the game, I'd have happily taken a point.
After the game, I remain happy - 1 point behind them and not 4.
2 behind Arsenal and all still to play for.
Happy days, so stop acting like spoilt brats loads of you and remember - we're still well in the title race.
Think it’s more our performance today that fans are up in arms about than the result
Played them of the pitch.

For 15 minutes at the start.

Got a goal.

After that it was even.

Ake made a rare mistake.

Entire team shit themselves.

Lucky to get a point.
The gift goal turned the game on its head...We sunk and they rose 10 levels in effort and belief. I don't know another team that would have escaped that cauldron with a draw after that. The saving grace was Liverpool's technical game was for shit and they were nowhere near clinical. But from a chaos standpoint they were at max speed. No other team in the world plays that type of heavy metal football. I don't care who comes in after Klopp that particular style of play will not be seen any time soon...
On 2-3 occasions I spotted Rodri, Bernardo and Walker in mid argument, so either someone wasn't listening to the team talk or maybe Klopp's tactics had caused confusion

At one point we looked totally incapable of getting the ball out of our own area, and I genuinely feared a heavy defeat. However on reflection, and despite our period of apparent disarray, we also created enough chances to have scored 3-4 goals, plus a couple of occasions when the player in possession chose the wrong option when the alternative would have provided a simple tap-in.
This is embarrassing stuff at this stage of the season having drawn against Liverpool away from home.

I don't know what to tell you. I'm not slaughtering you, I'm just telling you to take a deep breath and strap on a pair.

Maybe we win it, maybe we don't, but you'd have to be a lunatic to be chucking the towel in when we haven't been beaten since early December and we are one point behind first with 1/4 of the season to go.
Most sensible post I have read this evening.

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