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You don’t even need to put a gun to my head, it’s a no brainer.

But I don’t harbour any animosity towards arsenal really unlike a lot of blues do. Always disliked Spurs and I used to quite like watching Arsenal under Wenger - I used to look at them and dream City could play football like that one day haha.

So if Arsenal do get the better of us and win the title this year, then well done to them, fair play etc. it is what it is and we go again next year.

The dippers on the other hand, goofy winning the league in his little victory lap, it’s unthinkable.
agreed although they do get a little excited at times but that could be the fans suffering from title winning starvation,if they beat us and we end up out of sight then good luck to them
We've been here don't panic.. this was there big game and they threw everything at us and at the end only got the point with a pen gifted to them. Could have been worse and all to play for , Arsenal at home is a bigger game for me in the run in. Liverpool will slip up up again against a Wolves type team.
Keep the faith!!
What are you on about?
Liverpool had several players out and we didn't take advantage.
Bottled it AGAIN

Bottled it again at Anfield but won the league 5 times in 6 seasons and are:

- Champions of England
- Champions of Europe
- Champions of the World

100% bottlers.

It was a shit day (lots of bad things about the performance) at the office but we’re well positioned and the chance is there for us to make history.
Phil on left .
Bernie on right.
Gundo in middle.

The passing , quality and football IQ is another level there.

Alvarez all day.
We had midfielders on the bench (again) to support Rodri but Pep thought we could blow them away at Anfield.
Rodri has been careful in any physicality this season after being targeted by the officials and think he went into his shell after today's booking.
But yes a wise old head at that bearpit would of helped
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Haaland was a total disgrace. I don't like being negative but against an academy CB the best he could do was jog around. Alvarez should have been hooked in the first half or not have started at all
Must agree...

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