Liverpool Away

I am after 1 Liverpool ticket....Will offer 2 arsenal at the etihad next to each other block 137 just above the crossbar
I am after one.

I’m making the trip and staying in Liverpool for a couple of nights with friends.

Please save me from having to watch the game in The Brick Throwers’ Arms …
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Still after one for the lad, can obviously pay ££ and have an Arsenal in SS118 for swapsies
Taking 2 overseas blues to livarpool game, they have come over specially for this game. Unfotunately had to forfeit my ticket so looking for one. Will be driving there so will be at the ground if anyone has a late cry off. Alternatively I will swap for an Arsenal ticket which is East stand level 2 near the front.

EDIT. Now sorted.
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I’m not sure that offering two tickets for another game in return for one much sought after away ticket is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the face value rule

Yes, this needs looking at. We all want away tickets, but bringing in swapping home match tickets for away tickets is another form of touting. The rule on here has always been face value, not swapping tickets.
Looking for a ticket 2 at a push will be going down anyway just let me know if a spare cheers

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