Liverpool (H) - Post-Match Thread


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21 Nov 2009
Toronto via Failsworth
Personal remarks and poorly spelt judgments aside, just because Pep doesn't read it doesn't make it right. It's akin to bitching about someone behind their back and you might be cool with that, and that's your prerogative, but I think it's in poor taste.

Fucking hell mate. All she said is:
"Still pissed off that we didnt go for it in the last twenty mins, settling doesnt sit well with me , we have a strong defence to keep the back door shut , annoying".
Then someone came on and started going on about casual fans.
I'm not questioning Peps tactics but I didn't see anyone calling out those that wanted Phil to come.
There are some proper dickheads on here that are slagging Pep off often enough, Kaz isn't one of them.


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15 Nov 2016
Probably since the original hiatus in March he’s been the most consistent...

I would imagine Pep hammered home all week in training to be cautious in and around the box, especially with the dippers, who have this down to a fine art now, however, if anyone deserves a pass (despite his off field shenanigans), it’s Walker...

Off field I’ve been told he’s a right billy big bollocks, but you can’t question his commitment on the field, you’d be hard
pressed to find a better fullback at present!
Sad to hear, one would like to think his misdemeanors would give him some humility.
I wish all our players were nice. Like me-)

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