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9 Jun 2019
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Merseyside police facilitated the whole event again. Allowing fans to gather and hurl abuse and missiles with no intervention. It isn't that difficult to close one road for ten minutes two hours before kick-off. They are a laughing stock.
Facilitate: 'to make an action possible or easier esp one that you would like to happen.'
A word made to measure for the actions of Merseyside Police (twice).


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27 Jun 2009
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The club who today will ask for respect whilst drowning in their own sorrows at the loss of 96 of their own,whilst not even 18 hours ago yet again they used violence to smash up another opposition team bus. They are a disgrace. This was posted last year, and it deserves another airing. Fuck you liverpool

So Liverpool, further thoughts....

The common myth is that I don’t like Liverpool and that is totally correct...however my best friends who are fans of that club are decent folk and good friends , the manager seems a good guy and the team are talented and deserve all the accolades.....they have purchased wisely in the transfer market, coached well and built a side over a number of years against a solid plan, which is what so many clubs, like my own have failed to do consistently....what I dislike is the club itself, the supporters, the city and the general arrogance and distain that has been shown to the rest of the footballing community....and here’s why......

Getting the entire English game banned from Europe for six years for their fans being directly responsible killing innocent people at Heysel and the fact that it hardly ever gets mentioned every year, compared to Hillsborough


Denying a host of English clubs the opportunity to play in Europe competition, some of whom have never had the chance since and probably never will again


Damaging the English National team as a result and causing years of self inflicted hurt to this country’s international standing in world football


For their part in the worst footballing disaster this country has ever seen, Hillsborough, and for totally denying ANY responsibility for the outcomes that day, totally disregarded the behaviour of a section of their travelling support some of whom were under the influence of drink and arrived late to the match, instead waging a thirty year legal war on commanding police officer on the day in an attempt to totally exempt themselves......the police were wrong, no doubt, but trying to portray Scousers as angels....come on


Bullying? Heartbreak? Shit? Give me a break...keep waving your flags and pretend the past never happened, pretend the rest of football doesn’t remember......

The karma of course is that you celebrated your first title in thirty years in an empty stadium with piped in crowd noise, and then got to watch as your own supporters, the ones you have excused for years, burn their own city, piss in and smash up shop fronts, attack the police and injure several bystanders .....all in the middle of a global pandemic that has taken nearly 80k lives in this country alone to date....I hope you watched and I hope you were proud of what you represented....

You may be the self styled champions of everything, but to the rest of the football community, you’ll always be remembered as the stain on our game that we’ll never be able to rub of the biggest and richest football clubs in the world that has spent the last thirty years massively underachieving, year after year, excuse after excuse for failure, spending millions trying to rekindle past eras.....always painting yourselves as the underdog wallowing in the ‘Thatcher Years’, using it as an excuse to boo the national anthem, peddle idle anti establishment bullshit, time and time again and claim their ridiculous scouse independence from the rest of the country......

Who can forget (most of Liverpool has conviently done so) the clubs lack of any sort of response or measurable action in the Mason Holgate racism case involving Roberto Fermino, the various Luiz Suarez racist incidents or the Jon Flanagan domestic violence scandal...the arrogance of the club, believing they have been wronged by history and they somehow are above reproach is one of the many reasons the footballing community holds them in such contempt and will continue to do so....somewhere in Anfield there is a huge fucking carpet with a load of shit swept under it....they have to keep inviting Jan Molby in to sit on the lump to squash it down......

And so, you got there finally...and when you did what happened? Your fans set fire to your own town hall and totally disgraced your city....and we looked on, unsurprised at yet another incident that the media will skirt over, choosing instead to wheel out Phil Thompson, Graeme Souness, ‘Kenny’ and ‘Cara’ to wax lyrical about how their pain and suffering has been extinguished.....try getting battered five nil at Oldham away in league one and you might realise what pain and suffering actually feels like.

You may want to forget the truth, but we never will....


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15 Apr 2010
Love Liverpool fans I do, a few examples of the respect/understanding they have for us and football in general.

Must be the shittiest semifinals I can remember, 2x arab oil, 1x russian oil and 1x "galacticos". Can't be bothered
(Seems kind of fitting though, no fans and the wankers go all the way through)

Think that group of semi-finalists fits the theme of 2020/21.

Which oil club will win? Thrilling.

Well done UEFA. Finally have their wet dream semi finals. Financial fair play my hole.
Football is fucked.

Null and void.

It's a semi finals made of plastic

There isn't a chance in hell I'll be watching City PSG. That's not football

Hey UEFA, how does it feel knowing your flagship tournament is likely getting won by a team originally kicked out of it for cheating?
Aw bless.

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