Liverpool thread 2020/21


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1 Sep 2009
When you look at it perhaps the greatest team Liverpool have ever had will be remembered for winning maybe 2 major cups and also winning a league that will be forgotten about very quickly .
Unfortunately, history rewriting and myth will take over - they will be remembered as Klopp's all conquering record breaking side. Future great teams will be compared to '99 united, arsenal invincibles and Klopp's record breakers; conveniently ignoring the best team of the PL era and true record breakers.


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1 Jan 2020
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He's been quoted saying transfers aren't his call. This could be a sign of friction with the board and a way of putting pressure on to release funds, but as we all know Jurgen doesn't agree with big transfer fees and isnt that kind of manager...OR maybe the Coutinho money has finally run out.

It will never run out, it’s like the leprechauns pot of gold.


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1 Sep 2015
Most of those could apply to this forum in the past 12 months to be fair
Maybe last season, yes.

but the precedent was set for how that season was finished - delayed but not cancelled, no fans, covid protocols, bubbles etc.

For the beneficiaries of those decisions, to then start wanting what every other clubs fans (generally) wanted to happen last year, now - just because they are drifting away from the top - is hypocrisy to the usual Liverpool standard.


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8 Apr 2018
I hope they kick each other to death
I want a real dirty game with horror tackles,red cards, and to top it off the dippers miss a penalty klopp looks to the heavens where Jesus pops his head out of the clouds and shouts fuck off you big teeth boggle eyed ****

Genuinely laughing out loud at that last bit- hahahaha, take a bow!!

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