Liverpool thread 2020/21


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3 Aug 2020
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Manchester City
Jordan Ibe closing in on a free transfer to Derby. Can’t be the Jordan Ibe that the dippers claimed was better than Sterling can it?
Must be 2 Jordan Ibes.......
It was scouse "legend" and poor mans Ian Rush Aldo the pisscan who came out with that gem.


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31 Dec 2019
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Looks like they're getting Thiago, as expected. Great signing for them, unfortunately.
Agree Ric, anything that boosts "our" midfield and adds abit of quality rather than mostly the hard work ethic, has to be good.
Whilst I am happy about it and am glad the club are trying to build on last years success I'm afraid it is also tinged with abit of sadness...if that is the right word.
The news about Macc yesterday, combined with what happened to Bury, almost happened to Bolton and could happen to Southend (and I am sure loads of other club), makes me wonder again at how the game has gone.
I appreciate that there are bad owners and good owners (your lot very much to the fore on that) and that it is market forces and survival of the fittest etc.
Still a little sad that so many smaller clubs are suffering at present whilst "we" spend money like that.
But then I'm maybe stuck in the past.

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