Luton Town (A) - Tue 27th Feb, 20:00 | FA Cup | Pre-Match Thread

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Well I want us to win and have a Wembley weekend away on the lash. Couldn’t make last year and obviously missed out on the annual CC visit this year.
Haaland needs more games to regain form. Can be useful in defending set pieces. Might be a surprise inclusion. Same with KDB, if he feels better. Grealish to get 20-30 minutes too. Guess Gvardiol isn't ready yet but who knows.
I think Rob Edwards will pick a side strong enough to try and knock us out. He should do because if they beat us they're 2 games from Wembley. Smaller clubs managers playing a weakened team saving their best players to help boost league survival chances are shortsighted i think because FA cup games have a history of upsets, and if we're not on our game then they could knock us out.

I think Pep will pick a decent starting 11, i just hope he doesn't come up with untried tactics because that could well be our undoing.
If anyone happens to have a spare ticket, I find myself working in south Cambridge tomorrow and Weds and would be great to get to the game...
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