Mary D's

Just as an update, I made a point of noting the time yesterday.

We got on a double at St. Peters at 12.03 and it arrived at the ground at 12.16.

Plenty of seats available at St. Peters. By the time it had stopped at the Gardens and Piccadilly Station, people were standing. But not many. Certainly not uncomfortably so.

Great stuff mate, very handy

Ended up in the Marble Arch before the game and jumped an uber at 12 was there for quarter past myself
I have never set foot in the place, a bit like the chippy (Had it once it was lovely though) the queues seem enormous and life is too short.
Proof our fan base is getting posh lol
My other half met me and my son after the match on Saturday in May Ds. She reckons the Chardonnay is alright. So the place must be getting more posh than we think. Oh and we met the legend that is Alex Williams selling his book. Top man Alex.

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