Mary D's

I tend to go in more than I should probably habit, the music is okish but the DJ must do it for free as his links/verbals are crap and surely he'd not get paid to do it.

Has anyone tried the re-vamped place across the road yet?
Went in last night to try it again as hadn't been in for years, still stuck in the 80's and beer shite/overpriced.

On a side note does anyone know if it has always been a boozer and who owns it now ?

Began life as a club, then became a pub in the late nineties. Specialising in Irish keg stouts, it did dabble with cask JW Lees beers for a while, but that tailed off. Now just sells tasteless booze, won't even call it beer to drinkers who just want alcohol without flavour.
Stopped going in there pre match about 3 seasons ago. Got sick of the overpriced pissy flat beer in plastic pots, and hearing the Munich songs in the backroom was something I could do without.
i dont see a problem with it. i think its a good pub for a match day - with a good atmosphere. we could do with more around the ground. its good to see the one across the road open again swell.

posters talk about overpriced flat beer, but you can apply that to the ground and most pubs now. the northern quarter always gets recommended, but its bloody expensive.
Used to be Bradford Labour Club. Was well known for being a decent place back then apparently. The owner was Michael Kehoe ... who had several businesses, including 'Kehoes' a wine bar at Failsworth Pole a time ago.

We used to go in when we first moved to the stadium. Seemed ok then, beer aside. But it just got too much for us with the overloud DJ, and constant din. The beer went rapidly downhill too, from bearable, to utter dishwater at top dollar.
Last two DJ’s have been awful DJ ‘ozkat and DJ Chaos’ give me a break.

Beer is shite, stuck in the 80’s, crowded and Munich songs.
Took the missus in December for her first visit (it had been a few years since I had gone) and it was a bit disappointing to be honest.

The beer is indeed well below standards (any time Bluemoon is the best of the lot you know they aren’t really bothering), the place hasn’t really been updated since I was younger (which was surprising as I could have sworn I heard about them planning to give it a lift a few years back while there), and, although we only took a quick peek while going to the bathrooms before heading to ground, the backroom looked a bit sad as no one was really chatting, only standing about looking off into the distance while sipping their fairly expensive lagers.

Did see a few old timers there, which was nice, and the bar staff were great, which puts it above a fair few other establishments in that regard... but overall it just was not what I was hoping it would become in these modern times.

There’s some real potential to be a cracking place—if only I had the inclination and wherewithal to do it myself.

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