Match Thread | Leicester vs Man City (26/12/18)

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Blue Llama

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26 May 2009
Delph caught out for the goal, what a surprise. I know he's not a defender but the reason he's played there is because he's not good enough for Cardiff's midfield let alone ours. Get rid as soon as we get a leftback.
He was good enough for England's midfield and played well.

Lancet Fluke

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5 Nov 2008
No Fernandinho no City.

And the same re David to a slightly lesser degree.

Need to get Dave on ASAP. Gain some control.

This could go either way.

We need to find something from somewhere to ensure we get 3 points.
Totally agree. Fern and Silva our most important players along with Ederson. If we don’t sort out an alternative to fern in January then every chance we finish the season potless or with just the league cup. Get someone in and could change things dramatically.


Get Zinchenko on & hook Gundogan.

We've been poor since the break in November, I know we have injuries but it's not good enough at the moment.

Zinchenko as a full back is every bit as bad.

he cant defend for toffee either.


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23 Oct 2015
Leicester seems to do well at inverting Pep's tactics safe for a few points. They play pretty direct with a relative low chance of scoring and at this moment they are creating enough chances to pose a threat, the pressing seems less effecient like that. Pushing the defense too much up the midfield gets dangerous with their counter potential. They have enough of a bus in the back to wear some pressure. However ive seen a number of moments where we could counter and score, we had chances at the goal that were of far better potential.

Don't push up too much towards the midfield? Try to get them to open space for a good counter.
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