Match Thread | Man City vs Aston Villa (22/05/22)

Just had a quick look through this thread (didn’t see it on the day, as I was there). Jesus, some of the posts when Coutinho scored. Not much evidence of "fight 'til the end" back then!
First time I've seen it too...thank fuck I was at the to admit some of our so called fans come across as proper tits.
After everything the players have been through and won we had fans calling them bottlers . unbelievable fucking unbelievable
I've just enjoyed going through this thread again and for anyone interested;-

Page 6 - Kick-off
41 - 0-1
168 - 0-2
198 - 1-2
201 - 2-2
211 - 3-2
243 - Full time.
Great post. I'm off for a read as I've never seen this, I was at the game and a tad disappointed at 0-2, I can only guess at the Matchday Thread.

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