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EXACTLY what I've been saying for fucking days...
But this has been said for weeks. The only situation he would make sense is losing someone (now we know) and with another coming

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Not what I have been saying at all. We need someone who has relative 6 experience, not “Fernandinho replacement” because you can’t manufacture leadership. But I am convinced two need to come if Gundogan does leave or we’ll have an even more unbalanced squad than already. If you disagree, as it appears, that’s fine


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26 Apr 2021
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We're not bringing in a Casemiro type DM...we may bring in 2 CMs, like Nunes and FDJ, and rely on a combination of the two to back up Rodri...I truly don't believe Pep wants a one dimensional type DM in his system...Rodri is NOT that...he's a "holding" mid with passing range and accuracy and now adding some goal scoring to his game...

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