Matheus Nunes

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No, no it isn't. As shown by the fact he's our 4th midfield choice this summer. Also the first transfer target this summer that has gone on strike. Doku, Gvardiol and Kovacic didn't
What has 4th choice go to do with the pattern of the transfer

Kovacic wasn't wanted by Chelsea, into his final year of contract. Easy signing to do.
Gvardiol, dragged out over several weeks and because its pre-season the lad is going to get himself sharp anyway. Leipzig working on replacements which is dragging out the deal. Deal gets done.
Doku, no real competition from the lad, signing him for a club with no money and in a weak league. Pretty straight forward.

Nunes transfer so far;

Rumors of Nunes being a target
Wolves say hes not for sale
The usual suspects in the media say Mendes is working on it
City aren't briefing anything otherwise
Wolves manager comes out and speaks openly about him going to City.
Still no brief from City
Wolves start to be linked with players e.g. Doyle
Second bid rumoured and some even saying its happened.
Sort of weird say wolves want £65 million and we say we can go as far £58 mill and that’s our final offer well wolves have every right to say nope pay up or bugger off it’s as simple as that,why should clubs just accept what the buying clubs is what,I’ll go to Tesco’s do my shopping it comes to £65 so I’ll offer them £58 and call it a deal ..
Isn’t it more like buying a property? Seller wants 60 you put your offer in if the two parties can’t agree there’s no deal.

Though he does play in a colour close to the Tesco club card price. Maybe city don’t have a club card. Hum
So we value Nunes at £55m but Wolves want £60m yet we were going to pay £85m for Paqueta?
Why can't we value Nunes at 55 and Paqueta at 85.

Do we value Phillips the same as Rodri because he is a footballer, plays as a defensive midfielder and has nice hair?
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