Matheus Nunes

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While Rodri gets ran into the ground like he said
Rodri isn't getting a rest unless Busquets is hit by the fountain of youth and rolls back 10yrs and becomes a free agent for us.
He is simply too important.

A few probably thought we could take off Rodri against Sheff Utd at the weekend, nope. He onece again drove us to a victory.

The lad is simply too fckin good.
As others have said, if this doesnt happen I think the club will go with what they have and Pep will be told he has to wait......yes its a risk and we will have to integrate Kalvin Phillips and see if he can make that step up as there is no way Rodri can keep playing every game
That's when Kovacic will take up the slack in Rodders position
Yep, was expecting it.

Willing to pay £90m+ for Rice in a bizzare last minute bid, willing to pay well over the odds in £85m for Paqueta but now won't pay £60m for Nunes.

City have been quite weird this summer transfer window.
Don’t believe everything you read.
Quibbling over a few million is not our style.
If we don’t sign Nunes it won’t be over that.
Much more likely we’ve been successfully negotiating on another front.
We will know soon enough.
I fucking trust those in charge more than City report or any other social media trash.
I’m on record of being not really bothered if we sign him.
I find him an underwhelming signing especially considering the fee.
I think I’d rather wait till January or the summer to get a quality signing rather than a panic buy now cos we’ve left it too late.
Even if that leaves us a little short.
I doubt we’re improving on what we’ve got this late in the window.
Sort of weird say wolves want £65 million and we say we can go as far £58 mill and that’s our final offer well wolves have every right to say nope pay up or bugger off it’s as simple as that,why should clubs just accept what the buying clubs is what,I’ll go to Tesco’s do my shopping it comes to £65 so I’ll offer them £58 and call it a deal ..
Don’t really think it’s like going to Tesco’s think more buying a second hand car how many pay screen price, you tend to offer what you think it’s worth to you if they don’t bend you move for one somewhere else.
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