Media Thread - 2020/21


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25 Oct 2009
Only Simon Stone on BBC can do an article after we score 5 about if we have issues scoring then produces a table showing games and goals and lists Jesus as 3 games and no Aguero, missing the point that we have had both strikers missing for most of the season .
Stone the moan,reminds me of my late father, a regular punter on the horses and always moaning.
"My horses never win".
"When they do win the odd are poor".
"When the odd are good I didn't stake enough".
Even after a rare good win, dad, who liked a glass of whisky and a puff of St.Bruno's moaned that "Mother spends my winnings on clothes for you kids".


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14 Aug 2020
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Well said, I find Mr Mowbray a decent and honest commentator. He even spoke well of us before the game on football focus. Almost spoke like a ' positive ' City fan. No Ally Mann though.
I've always found Guy Mowbray far and away 6he best commentator, right back to the 2014 league cup final, through the fourmidables cup final to the present day. Always gives praise where it's due and clearly enjoys the football City play.


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12 May 2011
Watched on Bein sport our game v Spurs and keys said I don't think anybody would have any sympathy with a var decision going against Man City. On Weds chumps league again on Bein the commentator Ben Andrews (who the f**k is he) around 4 minutes in saying how shit we are in Prem so far this season but not many will care about big spending Manchester City. Around 20 mins in names Ruben and says huge fee paid for him. Never used to listen to this bollocks I used to have Gmr commentary and slow it down so it was in sinc with tv feed but since Cheesy and Andy no longer do it its dog shit.
how do you do that? That sounds like a great way to watch city during lockdown.


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
Do you think the commentators have a script to work from when covering City matches, I think they're briefed definitely

Absolutely , even the likes of Hinchcliffe , Lescott and Richards are required to tow the line on occasions , Sky / BT / BBC etc pay their wages and they do as they are told or they are shipped out.
There are only two pundits who i listen to Nevin and Souness , they talk purely about the football and i accept their criticism of our team because they have no agenda.

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3 Jun 2009
Was weird on BT yesterday when the commentator said he was surprised that Aguero wasn’t starting.. think someone must have had a word at HT as he Nader reference to his family relationship to Maradona
What a prick as he obviously hadn’t done his research before hand
The studio presenter on Wednesday chundered on about City winning in Olympiacos, just needed her to say they were dancing in the streets of.
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25 Jun 2020
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Manchester City
2i picked up today ( sorry if already mentioned)
Bt commentator
City are 6 points behind leaders Liverpool but with games to pan out that could be different by Monday.
Nope. Liverpool have already played this weekend ffs so still 6 points
Now he says ederson can’t get in Brazil team yet he was in nets for the last 2 games
I heard that prick Ian Darke say this.
How the fuck can the points gap change in any way when we have both played our games.
I nearly volleyed the TV cos of the inept twat

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