Michael Oliver to ref Liverpool v City - City lodge complaint


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3 Jun 2009
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The new rule is yellow if it's a genuine attempt at getting the ball. Pulling someone back would still be a red card.

Aside from that, you're right that the suggestion that TAA should have been sent off for it is utterly ridiculous.
There WAS a genuine and deliberate attempt to play the ball by TAA. It was with his hand/arm. When the ball was played, his arm was by his side, which then moved out to contact the ball and gain control of it. Had that occurred on the goal line, there would be no argument that the correct decision would be penalty/red card for TAA.

What's the difference?

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14 Aug 2005
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Oliver yesterday v WHU

Books Diop for this foul by Kane, reason given afterwards it was given for the handball by Diop, seriously lol

I moan every week about the decisions against us but this is an absolute disgrace. Oliver is not fit to be on a football pitch, it cannot be incompetence, it must be corruption.


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22 May 2004
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I despise the scum but I have to say I don't see much wrong with that LiVARpool corner vs Barca. If Kev did that we'd be lauding it. Brilliant thinking and a sensational finish.
VARstards !!!!

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