Michael Oliver to ref Liverpool v City - City lodge complaint


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4 Nov 2007
Liverpool Football Club have absolutely no shame...

They have no respect for how the game of football should be played..

They've stooped lower than the Marina Trench to cheat, con and manipulate referees, the rules of the game and the softarses who run the Premier League in a bid to win the prize they haven't had for 3 decades..

On an even footing they know they are just not good enough to win it fair and square unlike the team they are in direct competition with who play the game the way it should be played, in a style that is admired and copied by International teams and lower league teams alike..

The Dippers are helped out EVERY game with dubious decisions for which they show no shame or remorse in accepting...

They may well win it this year but for any Dippers reading this... What a piss poor way to win the league..

You can keep your cheating, diving players, the bent referees, dodgy VAR decisions affording your club protection from penalties against you whilst not hesitating to give penalties for you when in reality the player in question (who's dived) should at the very least be carded...

I'll stick with my team thanks and enjoy watching proper professional players doing their upmost to win games whilst abiding by the rules and the laws of the game..!

They are the new Rags, that will please them, birds of a fucking feather and all of that.

Otherwise known as ****s


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16 Jul 2008
I put this on the VAR thread yesterday,
To “another brick in the wall”

We don’t need FA corruption
We don’t need no Var control
No dark sarcasm from Mike Riley
Cheats Leave our team alone
Hey Cheats Leave our team alone
All n’all your just another prick with no balls
All n’all you’re just another prick with no balls


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27 Jun 2011
Why do I have this sinking feeling that there'll be a similar Martin Atkinson thread this evening?

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