Most overrated City player ever?


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11 Mar 2012
East London
Barring a few good months, and they were good months to be fair to him, Dzeko played some of the worst football of his career for City.
And yet somehow he stumbled on scoring 70+ goals for us although always being dicked around by both Mancini and Pellegrini. I am really waiting for your assessment of Sterling sir, let's say in 7-8 years time, it's going to be funny reading.

Scaring Europe to Death

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31 Oct 2014
I think there's a few people on here who don't understand the meaning of the word overrated, and are simply naming players who just weren't good enough, or didn't perform.

From memory, City's win-loss record in the top flight with Ian Bishop in the team was appalling, and we only started to recover once he'd been swapped for the industrious, but largely forgettable Mark Ward.
Similarly, Uwe Rosler left City two divisions lower than when he joined.

Strange, because I rarely hear or read a poor word about either Rosler or Bishop

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