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Blueprint Blue

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24 Jun 2020
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Manchester City
No stupid annoying ads for the last thing I searched in Google either.....which is nice.

kinky's boots

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8 Dec 2008
I know it won't be to everyone's taste, but hopefully as we get to address some of the issues raised you'll start getting used to it. It's probably the fifth major upgrade we've done since we started 18 years ago, and every time there's a bit of apprehension at first from users. People are naturally resistant to change but adapt quickly. To be honest, I was reticent to even do it (hence why it's taken over two years to get round to it) as it's a shit load of work and stress. It wasn't done for vanity or for the sake of it though. The old software will become obsolete in the not too distant future so not doing anything wasn't really an option sadly. Will try to fix/resolve as many of the issues that have been flagged as I can, but by all means PM me if I miss anything!
I think it's great Ric, thanks for your efforts


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30 Jun 2009
Is there anywhere to find what all the icons mean?

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