New Podcast: Burnley & Brugge previews, City's record in Belgium, and Howard Hockin discusses 'sportswashing'


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30 Oct 2009
Blue Moon Podcast - Season 13, Episode 11: Hallucinating Through the Champions League

On this week's show:
- A look at the players who need to take an opportunity
- Stories of following City away in Belgium
- The Belgian Football Podcast joins us to offer insight into Club Brugge
- Howard Hockin tackles 'sportswashing' and how it affects City fans

Season 13, Episode 11: Hallucinating Through the Champions League
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dickie davies

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25 Sep 2010
Flat earth & I'm a c*nt (says @ LongsightM13)
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15 Jul 2015
Really disappointed that your guest Dom Farrell stated as fact that ADUG is Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund and that you didn't correct him

Or are you happy letting this misinformation be broadcasted on a City podcast?

Sigh... I was just talking about this the other day with Mike Rigg's choice of words in the BBC article. How difficult is to get the facts on the ownership correct? Private investment fund, private wealth, not state money, not state owned.

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