Newcastle (a) post-match thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ric, 30 Nov 2019.

  1. Platt Lane 59

    Platt Lane 59

    17 Mar 2017
    Don't get to many away games now. So was really disappointed yesterday with half the team immediately rushing down the tunnel at the final whistle. Can understand Mendy quickly disappearing (poor lad has no confidence in either pressing on or crossing), but seeing our big players e.g. KDB and Raheem scurrying off doesn't give an example to young Foden and a newcomer like Rodri.
    Can remember seeing Stones, Walker, Bernado & Gundogan acknowledging our excellentsupport, were there any others ?
    Should have won but there doesn't currently seem to be the confidence we have previously had.
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  2. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Maine Rd - My Soul Home..
    Here's a quick summary of what the usual Bluedoom and gloomers are saying after yesterday ...

    1. Pep is clueless
    2. Ederson can't stop a shot
    3. Cencelo, Mendy, Rodri, Jesus = Shit
    D. Silva, = Lost it
    4. De Bruyne, poor passer, distribution
    5. Sterling should be sold ( my favourite)
    6. Everyone else not mentioned, worse than shit

    I read & post some shit on here but reading some of these comments makes me wonder what some folk think being a Blue is....!!!!
    Constructive criticism and moaning is fine but insane rambling and defaming our record breaking team & manager is a complete and utter joke....!!!
  3. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Between zen and mad
    PhilFoden on #NEWMCI: “We are all gutted in the changing room. We wanted to get the three points and it's disappointing after their goal. We need to move forward and focus on our next games. We thought that [De Bruyne's goal] was going to be the winner..."

    "They kept going and managed to score a great strike, unfortunately for us. It's not in our hands now. All we can do is win every game, it's going to be a big challenge for us. I think [December] is the most important time of the season..."

    @kylewalker2 speaking after #NEWMCI: “I have just said in there, ‘I look at you guys, you are my family’. I see the lads more than my own kids. We are going to experience ups and downs throughout our careers together. Up to now, it has been plain sailing..."

    “We are only human. We don’t go on to the pitch expecting to draw or lose - there are going to be mistakes. I feel we have to pull together and get the belief going again and make sure we do go on a run to put some pressure on the people above us.” #MCFC

    kylewalker2 on Pep Guardiola: “It is never going to be pleasant when you drop points but he believes in us. I have never seen a manager show so much belief and confidence in a team like he does.”
  4. HarrytheBlue


    12 May 2011
    We should be back to near full strength by the time the CL comes around next year. Full strength, in form, determined, with a bit of luck going our way and we will take some stopping. Throw everything at it.
  5. dennishasdoneit


    25 May 2008
    Team supported:
    Interesting points raised...
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  6. ColinBellsjockstrap


    23 Dec 2009
    In my house
    Why isn't Foden starting nearly every game?
  7. cleavers


    30 May 2007
    Home or work
    Therein lies a real issue "we thought", so they assumed they'd done enough, and let is slip, its bad enough conceding one goal just after scoring, but to do it twice in a game was criminal, and the second in such a poor manner, they'd have seen a game like that out last year.
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  8. Dribble


    5 Jul 2009
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow....
    As i said weeks ago, something's not quite right with us this season. I'm not saying Pep's doing a Moureen, or he's lost the players, we're just levels below the effort we put in over the last two seasons & it's showing.

    A mate text me during last week to ask if I was ITK, because around 6 weeks ago I said to him that I could see City selling another 10% stake in the club to fund another big summer, because our squad needs an overhaul.

    Don't get me wrong, we have the foundations & floors 1 & 2 built, but our roof is missing. The roof being Merlin being able to win matches on his own, but not having the same influence over the last 12 months, & Kompany leaving, & us not replacing him, plus not having that dominant captain figure who could drag us over the line too.

    We also miss Fernandinho's snap & nous in midfield too, & I think losing all three so quickly has affected the team we were. Foden will be a star for us, but he's not a Silva at his peak for us yet. That is a massive miss for us.

    As I said before, a top 4 finish & a cup or two along the way will do me this season. My focus is on the changes to be made next summer, & the next evolution of the team from there on.
  9. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    As Pep has rightly said, once you get out of the Group Stage, it is only a few games and one or two decent draws.

    On our day, we can beat anybody. By the time the Knockout Stage arrives, Laporte should be back, we will have some solidity in midfield (where Fernandinho and Rodri can dominate opponents, and Sergio will be back. I fear no-one in world football ON OUR DAY, so I live in hope.

    On present form, not. I agree. But if preeent form lasts until February and beyond, then we will have bigger concerns...such as BEING IN the CL next season, IF they don’t ban us, regardless!! In fact, that’s another reason to win it...banning the winners and removing them from next year’s competition would be a big black eye for UEFA, not to mention the best FU possible by City!
  10. shemnel


    21 Dec 2013
    i dont think ive seen Mendy pass confidently or competently since he joined, really struggles to find the feet of a man 10 yards away, sometimes you can even see him shape up his body to directly face the player he wants to pass to, like in a mates 5 aside kickabout. not good.

    also highlight the inability to finish and the very small amount of chances it is taking to bag 2 goals against us.

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