Newcastle (a) post-match thread

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  1. trevorriley


    18 Jan 2012
    only half the team rushed down the tunnel ? pound for pound over a season our players from what I see at home and away games are the worse bunch for thanking the support. They all get busy hugging each other in the centre of the pitch even though they all walk down the tunnel together and in to the dressing room. Dont get me wrong love our team, but don't know what happens at the end of a game, show some appreciation lads ! Not since Leicester away in the league cup can I remember pep showing much passion with our supporters.

    as for the team display, we deserved a win but didn't do enough to win. Very poor finishing, we had 4 clear chances a few yards out and trickled the ball to the keeper or wide ! Not strong at finishing at all at the easiest of chances, to slow at reacting up front, thought midfield did their bit we just got let down in the penalty area with chances. Had the KDB screamer won us the game which I tought we deserved to win, we would be saying good controlled win. But to draw with one of the easiest teams in the league to beat that have only scored 11 games is a poor result.

    said all along we have had two weak transfer windows. We have not strengthened at all, we are weaker as a squad. We need a good summer transfer window and I honestly cant see it happening, players available and agents are making it hard work. End of the season we wont be far off how we where when pep first arrvived, unless the club has something up their sleeve next season will be the same.

    FODEN needs more time on the pitch.
  2. lazza


    10 May 2013
    South of the Border, north of the Wall
    Being the part-timer that I am, this was my first game of the season, and so I'd like to start with an apology to those who traveled up from the NW to see the game (seeing as it's just down the road for me). I don't seem to bring much luck, as I was also there in our "last loss of the season" last year....!

    Anyway, for what it's worth, my (bird's-eye) views on the game.

    We were certainly not up to scratch, but I don't think we were as poor as everyone makes out. We dominated possession, had 2 or 3 very good opportunities to win the game, and were up against a very well organised 5-man defence (often 8 or 9 Newcastle players inside the penalty area, and usually 3 in and around the 6-yard box). But it seems we didn't play a give-and-go game enough. That created our clearest chances, but we seemed too keen to take the ball out wide and put in a cross (rarely getting past the first defender). I don't think any player could feel they played their best yesterday, and our defending under physical pressure could have been a lot better, but the reason that the the home fans were going delirious was that they survived quite an onslaught and got two goals pretty much out of nowhere. I think Pep left it too late to make changes in midfield, and should have brought Bernardo and Phil on much earlier, as fast movement was the key to creating chances. We also missed having Sane as an option to stretch the game. And to be honest, I'd have taken Mendy off at half-time and brought on a more attacking player, as the little threat that Newcastle did create up front was not being managed by Mendy anyway!

    All-in-all, a very disappointing result, and - like last season - dropping points against Newcastle seems to mean our fight for the league title is over.
  3. LucahArchie10


    21 May 2013
    You forgot to mention Ederson???

    He doesn't save half of the shots, Gundagun can't defend yet the manager plays him at HM??

    Add the ship has sailed for Dave & he doesn't know when & what game to switch Berny & Mahrez
    Gabby couldn't finish a fucking penalty never mind open play

    The whole squad is to blame Inc the boss

    Everyone has to stop fucking sulking & get back to basics.

    I so wish Laporte & Zinchenko were fit we miss them so much.
    In January we need 2 players & then in the Summer we need to splash out on our next fwd for 8 years, will upset a few but it's time to move on next year.

    If Pep is to stay then big players will be gone..

    £300m clean out
    LB = Chillwell 4 Mendy & Angelino
    AM = Grealish 4 Dave & Gundagun
    CH = Mings 4 Nico & Stones
    CF = Martinez 4 Aguero


    Keepers = Ederson & Muric
    RB = Walker & Cancelo
    LB = Chillwell & Zinchenko
    CH = Laporte, Mings, Garcia & THB
    HM = Dino & Rodri
    AM = KDB, Grealish, Foden, Tommy Doyle
    RW = Mahrez, Bernardo, Bernabria
    LW = Sterling, Braff, Poveda
    CF = Martinez, Gabby (Sterling)

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