Bojinov The Bull

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11 Jun 2009
I think we need to go all out next summer to try and get him, he's like the REAL Ronaldo was, unbelievable skill and finishing ability and he's done it for a few years now, he's still only 20.

Someone needs to take a chance on him in Europe, his transfer wages and fee will be sky high but if we could get him he'd be a fantastic coup for the club, he'd raise our profile even more on a worldwide scale. Neymar and Aguero as our front 2 would be better than any other club in the world.

Agree, Hes the one player , besides Messi and Ronaldo, That id love at City
He said he will leave when his contract runs out in 2014 which puzzles me... doesn't that mean he'll be available on a free transfer and that Santos are missing out on around £40million+ for him right now?
There are so many rumours about this guy. If its true that he wants to see his contract out then I can only think that a major club has sorted some kind of agreement out with him.
20sbc07 said:
Wouldn't want him at all.

Terrible attitude and nothing special.

Overhyped & overrated.
Not an EPL material. Like kagawa, a lack of physicality would kill him in this league.

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