Has anyone actually watched a Saudi game yet? The stadiums are empty, nobody their bar a few elite are even remotely arsed about the sport. When I say empty I mean less than half full, they are that quiet on a match day it’s unbelievable. I’m not saying every club or game is like that but the majority are. Plenty of videos showing it on the old interwebs and YouTube’s
They will be paying the crowd soon ;-)
They will be paying the crowd soon ;-)
We joke but I’d not be surprised to see an order that they have to attend games or are offered an incentive… like food!
if only they used this money to enrich their own people. just a few disgustingly rich lads running the country satisfying their egos.
exactly, while the people starve and struggle to survive. It’s all about image to them but they are going about it in the wrong way.
We all have our own opinion of him, but do you think he will comeback after his latest injury? I know there's been a lot of talk about women players suffering this injury but now Neymar has. He has torn both his ACL and meniscus. My daughter suffered the same injury - tore her ACL and both meniscus. Not fun at all!

Apparently incest is legal in Saudi Arabia.

Nothing to do with Neymar obviously, just a fun fact.

That reminds me, when is his sisters birthday?
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