NFL 2023-24

Yes - was a rather boring played to script draft this year apart from the rather bizarre QB selection from Atlanta. Not necessarily on the player but more the situation they just paid big bucks for a veteran QB in Kirk Cousins to join them. As you pointed out, I think everyone was gobsmaked with this direction.

Da Bears certainly lucked out this year. Who could have imagined giving up the first draft pick to Carolina last yr only to pick once again no 1 in this yr's draft & this time being able to select the QB they really liked. Who really knows if Caleb Williams is the real deal every 'expert' predicts but compared to Bryce Young who was selected by Carolina last year, Williams seems to have landed in a better team quality environment surrounded by better talent & topped off this year by being able to select one of the best WRs if not the best WR in the 2024 draft in Rome Odunze.

A lot of people including myself, even though I'm a Miami Dolphins fan will be intrigued to see how Da Bears fare next season - also looks like they're going to be building a new stadium in Chicago.
A new stadium? Didn’t they not long ago completely redevelop soldier field? Looks like big times ahead for Chicago if things go well for them with Williams.

Edit: just looked it up on YouTube and looks like an amazing stadium and right on Lake Michigan next to where soldier field is.
6pts for a touch down, 1pt for the kick after that. Otherwise its 3pts for a kick anywhere else on the pitch.

You can gain points in other ways e.g. Safeties but pretty rare so no need to worry about it.

Best way to learn is to watch games, listen to the commentators who are usually superb and actually have a clue what they are talking about unlike those doing premier league games.
Cheers mate.
My friend loves the NFL, he's originally from Michigan but moved over here in his teens; still watches it obsessively and heads to London each year for the superbowl.

He's trying to get me into it. I've tried on several occasions to immerse myself and I'm getting there...but, can somebody please explain the rules to me like I'm a three year old? I get there are two phases of play that each team goes through, the offense and defense, but how does the points system work outside of touchdowns? Does it go purely off yards that are covered? It seems complex to me, even though I'm sure it isn't.

In 80 seconds this will teach you all you need to know

For a deeper dive, including a view of the various Penalties, use this:

Love staying up all hours watching the Pack draft non skill position players.
I thought they would have been desperate to strengthen the offensive line but have drafted corner back and an average wide receiver who used to be a qb in McCaffrey doesn’t make sense to me
It's the first draft under the new management so I will cut them some slack for now as they seem to have been doing the right things so far in free agency.
It's the first draft under the new management so I will cut them some slack for now as they seem to have been doing the right things so far in free agency.
We do need another TE as Ertz is getting older and the wide receiver spot is not exactly bursting with Art Monks and Charlie Browns, only get McLaurin who I rate as decent but the protection for Howell last season was poor although he did tend to keep hold of it for too long as well

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