Noel Gallagher: Sky Arts - Out Of The Now


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13 Oct 2010
He's a working class decent musician/songwriter that was in arguably the biggest band in the world at one time, not Socrates. That's not aimed at you as a criticism by the way, but it often makes me laugh how they interview these people about world affairs as if they are. His opinion is no more valuable than some random bloke stopped in the street.

Both the brothers display pretty typical Mancunian dry wit, often self depreciating and gritty with a mean edge at times. Noel comes across as the deeper thinker and more sarcastic, Liam a bit more spontaneous and basic. When I met them on the ship Noel was taking the piss out of Liam for buying regal cigs from the bar as he said he didn't even smoke them. I'd guess Liam was often the butt of Noel's tongue with Liam being prone to fly off the handle quicker. Both are alright in my opinion.

Exactly right , i enjoy listening to Noels views just for fact he's pretty black and white and often amusing but take it with a pinch of salt


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23 Sep 2010
I enjoyed it. Don’t really like the HFB but it was a decent watch.

The bit that did surprise me was him talking about only playing maybe one Oasis song and if you don’t like it, don’t come to the show. On his last tour he played up to 10 Oasis songs so for someone who has put that part of his life to bed, that seems a lot!


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23 Nov 2010
I'm a little disappointed that Noel is the alleged cock. I assumed it would be the other one.

Liam might batter Noel but Noel would run rings around Liam with his intellect. Noel would be the one who afterwards would sneak up on Liam and smack him around the head with a bit of 4x2.

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