Norwich post match thread


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15 Jul 2015
That's not the performance we need going into Sevilla away... *gulp* hopefully they got all their bad luck and clumsy errors out for a while like someone else said. The crowd need to hide their nervy feelings sometimes they made the players even more uncomfortable in the bad spells but it was a "what the fuck is going on" 10 minute spell for everyone.

Didn't Sterling get both penalties for us in the end? Should have let him take the second, hope there is no disharmony in the camp just a bad game out of the way(although its not like we didn't deserve the 3 points looking at those stats but by our own standards that was bad).

I wonder who Yaya was cursing I thought it was Bony for not playing him in just prior to the substitution but he should realise how bad that looks on TV... save it for the dressing rooms Yaya or just cool off and let it go.


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8 May 2015
Fuck off Yaya. You want to be City these days, you get on board with the program. City 2015 means smooth, efficient, CLASSY above all. We handle our business, we give the press nothing, we fight to the end, we back each other up to the end. Bad enough the shit he pulls every summer but to see him show up Manuel and whine like a goddamned baby is awful. He's done wonderful things for the club over the years but my god what a lack of perspective and honor from the man.

Bony staying on while Iheanacho was pulled a crime against humanity, but you didn't see whining there. Yaya gets the hook with two minutes left so we can sure things up (practically a pat on the back letting him get the individual clap-off from the home fans - a gift almost) and he wants to make a scene? ugh. bad taste in my mouth.

I think he was just mad that Bony didnt pass it to him, he seems to be pointing towards Bony when he was going off and Pellers seemed to agree.


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23 Oct 2014
ann arbor, mi
i think yaya was complaining about bony . yaya was best out there today and kolarov shit defensively and his attacking play is massively overrated .
that's exactly what he was doing... Yaya cannot win, can he?
I read the agenda thread and the same language that people complain about there is what is spewed here by the supporters...
The game was never in doubt (quite boring actually) until Hart's error... i think the player were already conserving energy then they got jolted back into action and did ok within the chaos... 3 additional points no matter how ugly...

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