Not in my lifetime revisited

I think it would be a mistake to understimate Ratcliffe and I am sure Khaldoon will not be as complacent as the senior management at MUFC were when City started our revolution.

And I am sure he knows how to play politicians. A donation here, a few dinners there. Don't write-off his plans for a government funded OT yet.
He is betting on us falling when pep leaves as are all our rivals , it is up to us to pick the next manager properly so we dont fall too far and let them in
There are ironies galore in today's news that Scruffy Jim is thinking of going cap-in-hand to His Majesty's Government for funding to rebuild The Swamp on the dubious grounds of it being “national stadium in the north of England” given that the genesis of our own ground was in an 80,000-seater Olympic Stadium - a vision that was toured around the world by Bob Scott, Princess Anne and Bobby Charlton in the 1990s to no avail.
That would have been the ideal time with Wembley being decrepit, nearing the end of its shelf life and being out of commission for four years - not now when several clubs have large, modern stadia. The idea that the FA will do anything much away from Wembley or even London is patently mad, and even if Wembley was unusable for any reason there is another club stadium that was actually built as an Olympic stadium!
And yet... and yet... the precedent lies with the Rags rather than us when it comes to handouts. Despite taunts from the Rags for the last 20 years about 'the Council House' the fact that Her Majesty's Government contributed generously to the rebuilding of the United Road Stand in the early 1960s in time for the World Cup Finals in 1966 is lost on most Rags who are either too young to remember or too stupid to realise. Their chickens are coming home to roost now; pretty much everything they've criticised us about in the last decade or so is now viewed as either a pretty good idea or an aspiration in their boardroom!
But the only help the Government needs to give Jim is a licence to get cracking with the fracking, starting ideally in their centre circle.
It seems like the BBC is obsessed, no other investment gets so many minutes on mainstream news, so this is obviously bias, he’s only a minority stakeholder
Where exactly does Chelsea Jim plan to build his National Stadium for the North of England. I don't suppose most rags fans would want to watch footy from beyond an athletics track. The north is already rich in large football stadia, moreover does he think folk in Liverpool and Leeds for example would feel anymore affinity to a new rags Stadium than they do to Wembley. Instead of building a new ground near Manchester he could build one in Ireland, the home counties or Malasia where they have vast support or as he's from Oldham why not help the poor old latics. He might have been happier staying at Stamford Bridge, what a top hat he is.

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